Once you establish a relationship with one of our planners, they will be with you for the duration – because many of them have a stake in our business, they take the long-term view. A sound financial plan plays out over years, perhaps even decades, so your planner will be with you for the long term.

Listening carefully and understanding your personal aims and objectives is in our nature. We are, first and foremost, real people with real experience of life and the role sound financial planning can play in it.

We will not recommend anything until we know where you have been, and what your plans for the future are. We will listen to what your goals are for you and your family, how long you intend to work for, and what kind of investments you feel comfortable with. By marrying your objectives and views to our expertise we devise first-rate financial plans.

If you have any particular needs – inheritance tax planning or getting as much value as possible from a pension – we will include them in our focus.