Three essential features of our business ensure that we are trustworthy and impartial. First, our planners have complete freedom and independence to choose the products that best suit you and your aims. There is no motivation to “push” certain products, or to focus on a particular area of the market. We will find the right solution for you, wherever in the financial market it comes from.

Second, the success of our business depends to a great degree on the longterm success of our clients’ investments. There is no better incentive than that. Third and finally, you will never be charged for something unless you are fully aware of the costs and have agreed to them beforehand.

The result?

Complete transparency on our part and peace of mind for you.

Where do clients come from?

Almost all of our new clients come via referral. We think this is the best measure of how trusted we are.
keyGreyClient/personal referrals
keyGreyIn-group referrals (28%)
keyGreyProfessional referrals
keyGreyOther (7%)
3,238 clients surveyed from 23 planners

Fourteen years advising clients has taught me how important it is to actually make a recommendation. In the age of compliance and litigation, it is easy to bombard clients with infinite choice but our solid research and years of experience enables us to navigate through complex legislation, changing tax laws and unlimited investment choices to offer clients a solution that they feel comfortable with.