On the contrary, your planner will work alongside colleagues drawn from the world of pensions, investment, insurance and banking to create a plan that considers every angle. As part of the Punter Southall Group, we have access to specialist knowledge and the latest thinking on everything from pensions to investments. We can draw from this expertise when necessary. It will be a collaborative effort.

Being part of the Punter Southall Group gives us buying power as well as brain power. We will not just track down the best financial products on the market. Where possible, we’ll secure the lowest fees too and pass that saving on to you.

Our team of paraplanners, some of whom have Chartered status themselves, spend time researching all the available options to help devise the best financial plan for you.

Client Services Administrators provide first-rate support to our planners to allow them to focus on meeting with and talking to our clients. They assist by pulling together valuations, liaising with product and service providers, processing application forms and much more.

By working together, our back-office support teams keep the process running smoothly.

In relationship, we’re stronger.

Length of Relationship

Paraplanners play an important role in the way financial advice is provided within PSFM. Having similar qualifications and technical expertise to those of a consultant, we work in partnership to provide bespoke solutions. This allows the consultant to spend more time with our clients in order to better understand their needs and develop relationships. Working as a team enables us to play to each other’s strengths and expertise so we can provide the best outcome for our clients in the most efficient manner


Our clients enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Client Services Administrator, rather than the pooled support so often found in the market: someone you can call who knows you and works alongside your consultant. A team approach ensures there is always a point of contact for the client so their needs can be taken care of behind the scenes by a technical team of individuals.